We can print just about anything onto our phone cases, including your brand, logo, motto, sales pitch, mission statement, or company mantra.

And there's no minimum order.

A branded phone case is a powerful promotional weapon.

Whether you deck out your sales force in matching phone cases, or dish out freebies sporting your company logo, our custom made cases will raise your brand visibility, while providing essential protection to mobile devices.

Imagine how awesome it would look if every tablet in your restaurant was branded? Every field worker's phone wore a uniform case?

But what about that awkward moment in the team meeting when you all put your phones down on the table, then no one can work out which is phone is theirs, and someone picks up the wrong phone and accidentally discovers an awkward inappropriate photograph... Armadillo Cases is here to save the day. We can help you avoid unnecessary embarrassment by printing numbers, or even names on the cases.

Want a bulk order of cases? We can do that, and we'll even offer you a discount.

Need the same design on a range of cases? Not a problem. We can manufacture custom cases for a large range of the most popular mobile phones and tablet devices.

Want it done quickly? Unlike many of our competitors, our cases are manufactured in the UK, so shipping time is super-speedy. If you have a deadline in mind, contact us.

To get the ball rolling please contact us at info@armadillocases.com.