The glass on modern smartphones is pretty tough, designed to cope with bashing up against jangling keys and loose coins. Splashing out on a screen protector may seem like an avoidable waste of cash, and you may have a point.

So how about we just give you one for free, and you can end the agonising "do I, don't I" dilemma.

All of our cases come with a free crystal clear screen protector designed to fit your phone model.

We'll even throw in a dinky little cloth to clean the screen with before you apply the protector.

We sympathise with your predicament. It's tough deciding whether to buy a screen protector or spend the cash on something more fun, edible or alcoholic. Especially when your phone looks so safe ensconced in its new Armadillo case.

We care about keeping devices protected, and it would break our hearts to see a smartphone sporting an iKandi case on the back, and an ugly great scratch across the front. Although toughened glass screens can usually cope with everyday bashes and scrapes, they are vulnerable to freak attacks from rogue emery boards, heavy handed toddlers, unruly sand and other abrasive substances. And just like a piece of buttered toast, you can be sure a dropped phone will land upside down.

As part of our mission to keep the nation's smartphones looking good, we're supplying a free crystal clear screen protector with every case. Now all you need to do is fit it, and your phone will have all round protection.