2D Hard Plastic Cases

Our standard 2D plastic cases are made of a hard plastic polycarbonate material and a thin layer of printed aluminium. The artwork is printed onto a flat surface which is then applied to the back of the case. This type of cases offer protection for just the back and sides of the phone. It easily snaps onto your phone and allows easy access to all ports and buttons, while protecting it from bumps, scratches and minor drops. 

2D Silicon / Rubber cases

Our 2D silicon cases are printed using the same method as the plastic cases, but on these the plastic is replaced by a softer silicon / rubber material. Due to this they're more durable than the plastic cases and offer that extra bit of protection for the back and sides of the phone. All ports and buttons and accessible and all of our cases work perfectly with the camera and flash.

Flip Cases

Our popular flip cases are made of plastic and aluminium and offer protection for the whole phone. The back is protected by the hard plastic casing whilst the front opens in the style of a book to access the phone. The high quality artwork is applied to the back of the case and as always, all ports and buttons are easily accessible. This style case is perfect for people who want extra protection whilst still keeping a stylish, slim and lightweight smartphone.

Faux Leather Cases

Our faux leather phone cases offer both protection and style for your phone. The whole phone is protected by a combination of a black faux leather back, a faux leather printable surface and a hard plastic casing. These are premium cases with excellent print quality and protection. Most cases in this range have an elastic strap to keep the front closed and tight to the screen, so even when dropped you know your phone will be safe from scratches and even broken screens.

Premium 3D Cases

Our 3D full wrap cases are called 3D as the artwork covers both the back and sides of the case, unlike our standard 2D cases which are only printed on the back of the case. The high quality images wrap around the hard plastic / polycarbonate case and the end result is a nice quality case which offers good protection and looks amazing too. The cases are printed using the latest technology on professional top end equipment, we must say, we're proud of our 3D case range and our customers love them too.

Premium 3D Tough Cases

Our 3D Tough cases are very similar to the above but with one main difference. These cases come with an extra rubber insert which covers the phone before the polycarbonate part of the case is attached. This gives the case better shock absorption meaning better protection for your phone in case it's accidentally dropped. This is another popular case and many people prefer to pay that bit extra for a high quality case that both looks good and performs well.