• If You Can Dream It, You Can... Put It On A Phone Case

    Posted on by Chris Hackman

    If your phone case could display any image you wanted, what would it be?

    A photograph of your ear? The inside of your phone? Your favourite bar of chocolate?

    Good news friend. If you can turn it into pixels, you can get it printed onto a phone case.

    Here's how.


    Planning, Planning, Planning

    I know I've got you all excited and you just want to hop over to our magical creation tool and whip something awesome up right now.

    But wait. Breathe. Take a minute. If you want to design a jaw-droppingly fantastic phone case, you need to do your homework first.

    Got an idea already? Sketch it out on paper (any excuse to get the felt tips out for a play).

    No clue what to do? This is why Google Images was invented. There's a whole world of inspiration out there waiting for you to explore. But be inspired by it. Inspired to make your own creation. Don't just rip something off. That is seriously bad phone karma.


    Think It Through

    Swearing, lewd suggestions, risque photographs - all have the potential to make hilarious personalized phone covers. And when you're enjoying a drink with friends, or trying to scare onlookers on public transport, this type of phone cover will serve you well.

    But at some point, you'll need to get your phone out to take down a fellow parent's telephone number, or look something up while with a prospective client, or use your phone in some place fancy where you're expected to say please and thank you, and use your indoor voice, and then BAM, you're funny-rude-unique phone case is NOT making you happy.

    So either you need to create a universally awesome phone case, suitable for use in all situations.

    Or you have multiple phone cases, one for each mood, audience or day of the week.

    Your call.

    Although, we would love it if you went for the multiple phone cases option. How does 10 sound? Maybe 20?


    Got An Idea. Now What?

    Now you get to see the magic online phone case maker tool.

    Choose the model mobile phone the case will be for and the type of case you prefer.

    Now play around uploading images of your own, adding text, or borrowing from our library of clipart cartoons.

    This tool enables you to create a completely, 100% unique phone case. Nobody else will have your phone case. Just you. How cool is that!?!

    Not so creatively minded?

    No problem. We've got hundreds of fun and funky designs already uploaded. Just grab a coffee, take a scroll through the shop and pick which one tickles your fancy.


    Business Logo On Phone Case

    Want to go all corporate-suit on us? Not a problem. We can print your company's logo on a phone case. You can even add on your contact details. Need multiple company phone cases? Also not a problem. We're just as happy to handle bulk orders and single purchases.


    Your Phone, Your Call

    Whether you want your phone to boast a LOL double-entendre, a sophisticated photographic landscape of your ideal holiday destination, or your company's brand, our personalized phone case creation tool has got your phone covered.

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  • Does Your Phone Signal Your Brand?

    Posted on by Chris Hackman

    The minute one of your company’s handset is in full view of a client, it is speaking volumes about your brand. Learn how to make it say the right things.

    Under Scrutiny

    When one of your team is in a meeting with a client, every little thing about them is being judged. It sounds harsh, but the client really can’t help it - they're just doing their job.

    How they’re dressed, how they talk, whether they remembered to bring a pen and notepad with them, all of these things contribute to the overall impression this client is building up. But the client isn’t just weighing up the representative in front of them. They are using this experience to judge the whole organisation, the brand, the representative works for.

    You’ve probably implemented a dress code and put your team through some training, given them, a pep talk, and armed them with the key messages they need to deliver. Well done. You’ve got almost all the bases covered. Almost. There’s just one teeny tiny gadget that speaks volumes about your brand that you may have overlooked. Their company phone. 

    Potential Messages

    Unfortunately we can’t read your clients minds, so these are just our best guess at what they are thinking. 


    Client Notices: A really flash new handset. 

    Client Thinks: I wonder if this guy had to pay for that phone himself, or did his awesome boss buy it for him? 

    Client Notices: A really scruffy old model. 

    Client Thinks: What kind of shabby operation does this guy represent if they can’t even supply him with a decent phone. 

    Client Notices: An up-to-date handset, scratched, dented and generally looking worse-for-wear. 

    Client Thinks: How can he take care of my business if he can’t even take care of his phone? 


    But none of those are the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is that (thinking they are doing a good deed) your team member has bought his own phone case, but has chosen something wholly inappropriate. Maybe it’s his team’s colours, a lewd joke, a cheeky cartoon, whatever it is, it is NOT something you want visible in a professional meeting.


    Customised Phone Cases

    The solution? 

    Supply your team with customised phone cases bearing the colours, images, brands or slogan you want your clients to see. 

    You will be helping your team take good care of their equipment and ensuring they represent your company in the way you would like them to. 

    Our cases are fully customisable so you can add your brand logo, slogan, or contact details. 

    And we can handle large orders, fast. 

    Creating your customised design is easy. Simply select the model and style case you want, then use our online tool to choose the colours and text and upload any images you want included in your design. 

    The Signals You Want To Give-Off

    A custom phone case gives a much more positive message about your brand. It shows you’ve invested in your staff by equipping them with the tools they need to do their job. 

    It also demonstrates creativity and attention to detail as you’ve taken advantage of a marketing opportunity. And most importantly, a branded phone case will make your team member memorable to the client, in a positive way.

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  • Why You Can't Beat A Bit Of Bully

    Posted on by Chris Hackman

    Calling all children of the 1980s and 90s. Let’s get nostalgic. Take yourself back. Way back. Before the Internet. Before Netflix. Before on demand movies. Back to when family quiz shows were a combination of laughably naff prizes and cringe-inducing innuendo.

    Back to a time when a breadcrumb covered grey lump of unidentifiable meat was considered the pinnacle of child-friendly cuisine, and weekend TV entertained millions of British families with models bouncing about in red swimwear (Baywatch), a talking car (Knight Rider) and escaped criminals blowing stuff up (A-Team).

    In its hey day Bullseye, the darts based Sunday afternoon quiz show was pulling in viewing figures of 17 million people.

    Hosted by Jim Bowen, with professional darts commentator Tony Green keeping score, the show was most famous for its cartoon bull, Bully.

    Contestants worked in teams of two, with one person answering general knowledge questions, and the other in charge of the darts. Prizes ranged from luxury holidays and cars, to a Bully tankard.

    Now you can lose yourself in nostalgia every time you check your Facebook notifications with our Bullseye branded phone cases.

    Wait up! Before you hot-foot it over to the product page, take a minute to learn the lingo. Bowen boasted his very own brand of TV gibberish. Let us refresh your memory with a quick guide to his favourite sayings.

    Super Smashing Great

    For Jim a hearty ‘well done’ was never enough. Whether used to celebrate a victory, or simply cut-off a meandering story from a verbose contestant, Jim used his ‘super, smashing, great’ catchphrase to keep the energy levels and tempo high.

    Iiiiiiiinnnn One

    The penultimate round of the show was Bully’s Prize Board. Before the game started Bully popped out of the centre of the board, and Tony Green voiced over a guided tour of the numbered segments. The prizes were a mixture of household appliances and luxury goods.

    Look at What you Could’ve Won

    At the end of the show the teams had the opportunity to gamble their prizes for Bully’s Star Prize. If they chose not to gamble, or gambled and lost, Jim would give them a ‘look at what you could’ve won’. This was swiftly followed by...

    You’ve Won Nothing but Your Bus Fare Home

    Now, in the era of txt spk, shortened to ‘nothing but yr BFH’.

    Remember, You can’t Beat a Bit of Bully

    Used as an opener and a closer to the show, this simply means ‘what better way to spend your time than watching Bullseye’. There is absolutely no hidden meaning or reason to giggle about this catchphrase whatsoever.

    A random Bullseye fact to leave you with. Comedian Dave Spikey hosted the revival for Challenge TV in 2006. But did you know that he was once a contestant in the show, back in the 1980s?

    Now you’re fully informed with Bullseye trivia, you can charge like Bully over to our collection of Bullseye cases, where you’ll find a selection of classic Bully poses and unforgettable phrases.

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  • Try our new app and make your own custom phone case in minutes!

    Posted on by Chris Hackman

    Looking for a custom phone case? Well you'll be pleased to know our brand new online case design tool is now live on the site. It allows you to make your own case by uploading images, text and clipart with a live preview of how it'll look once printed.

    We can print personalised cases for all the popular phones including iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 and various others, and they're all available as standard or premium full wrap cases.

    Head on over to our Custom Cases page now, select your device and have fun making your very own case like a true professional. It's so easy you'll surprise yourself with your creation.

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  • Quirky and Funny Greeting Cards for All Occasions

    Posted on by Chris Hackman

    Bored of flicking through the same old high street cards for the endless birthdays and other card sharing occasions? Well fear not, our range of quirky and funny cards for all occasions is now available to buy on our site.

    Not only have we added our large range of designs featured on our other products to our card range, but we've also come up with our own range of exclusive designs which are made to put a smile on your face. Cards like 'Happy Birthday Buddy - Hope You Have an Epic Day' is much more fun than a traditional birthday card, anyone agree?

    Alongside these we have Banksy greetings cards, original painting greetings cards, funny greetings cards, characters greetings cards, football greetings cards and much more. Each one comes with a matching white C5 envelope and is wrapped in cellophane to give it that shop quality finish. Nice!

    With over 1000 designs to choose from, there's something for everyone. So head on over to the Greetings Cards category and see what you think. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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